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  • My school
    Those students of class 8ab, who started English as a second foreign language in 6th grade and have now been learning the language for two and a half years, have thought about their Gymnasium Gars. As part of the „My school“ project, they were asked to put the following down on paper in foreign language: […]
  • Our fantasy School (English Version)
    While the new school building is being built next door, the students of class 5d are already thinking about what it might look like in the end. New subjects like „reading books“, „telling jokes“ or „baking cakes“ will then be part of everyday school life. Every Friday there is a big party at school to […]
  • G’day – a really good day in Gars (English Version)
    The English Department organises its first ‚English Afternoon‘ at Gymnasium Gars “Would you like to hear the real Glaswegian accent?” “When you go south it gets cooler!” “Dumplings and roast pork aren’t exactly a healthy diet either, are they?” “There are no school buses – all the pupils are driven to school by their parents!”