50 Jahre Gymnasium Gars

English at Gymnasium Gars

Which subject is the most important one? Well, it’s highly likely that every student – every person even – will give a different answer here. There are, however, few subjects which are as universally accepted as crucial to anyone‘s modern life as English.

Not only do you learn a new language to communicate with in all areas of life once you go abroad on holiday or on your gap year – no, of course you learn so many more fascinating things about the world of past and present. Whether that be the history of English-speaking countries, the inexorable way to global success for the English language itself or its sheer omnipresence in today’s world, even in countries which don’t sport it as one of their primary languages – English has something for everyone. If you also get practice in speaking in front of people and getting your opinion across in another language, which will in turn benefit those skills in your own native tongue, all the better!

This usefulness and the popularity which arises from it can be seen throughout at Gymnasium Gars too, as exemplified by a recent well-received event during which various kinds of people gave first-hand accounts of their experience with the English-speaking world, either as native speakers themselves or after their own share of time abroad. (Visit https://gymnasiumgars.de/gday-a-really-good-day-in-gars/ for further detail on said afternoon.)

Conveniently, Gymnasium Gars aims to offer further opportunities to expand upon your skill in the English language by going beyond what can be done in school lessons alone.

Think about our English reading library, recently integrated into our already-existing German reading library and stuffed with fascinating books to be borrowed and read to your heart’s content and allowing you to experience exciting stories on one hand and improve your English on the other.

Think about the additional courses for high-performing students to deepen their knowledge of the language, E-Plus for Year 10 and CAE for the senior levels, which both have a longer tradition at Gymnasium Gars.

Think about the exchange programs that have taken place in the past and for which there are already plans of revival after a long break of Covid: Trips to India or the USA used to give our students a one-of-a-kind first-hand experience of the wide range of countries, societies, and people the English language can help you connect with – and might soon do so again.

As we finish our first 50 years as a public school, we hope that the next 50 will be just as fruitful for GG and its ties to English!